Symposium Topics

The AGRO 2022 Symposium will provide an excellent platform for exchanging ideas with many distinguished scientists and practitioners from all over the world. The conference themes comprise innovative water and waste management systems, nutrient removal and recovery, sustainable bioenergy production, new trends in resource recovery, circular bioeconomy, and others.

  • Treatment and use of waste from stockbreeding
  • Run-off and control of pollutants from agricultural areas
  • Innovative water and waste management system for agricultural area
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation in agro-industries
  • Remediation and soil pollution control and management 
  • Biological and chemical treatment of wastewaters and wastes
  • Nutrient removal and recovery
  • Advanced treatment processes and innovative technological applications
  • Sustainable bioenergy production and new trends in resource recovery
  • Adverse environmental impact and mitigation measures of wastes
  • Sludge stabilization, utilization and disposal
  • Circular bioeconomy
  • European Green Deal in agro-industries