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Increasing demand for data centres globally has also raised sustainability concerns due to power consumption.


Evaluating data centre sustainability encompasses multiple elements, ranging from water usage to carbon emissions. This has led to several auditing processes and certifications that potentially obscure a holistic view of data centre sustainability.


Informa Tech’s Data Centre Efficiency Evolution Program (DEEP) simplifies this process by providing data centres with a detailed and recognised certification that informs areas for improvement and creates a benchmark for the industry.

  • Raising sustainability standards: independent assessment across multiple sustainability indicators in a single process
  • A comprehensive view: 70+: best practices evaluated and scored
  • Industry recognition: a thorough and reliable credential that helps companies identify and select sustainable data centres with confidence

We need data centres to be sustainable

Data centre sustainability is an issue in sharp focus as businesses look to minimise the impact of running their digital operations. From 2010 to 2021 internet traffic increased 22 times with data centre energy use increasing 1.4 times. According to a recent Omdia research, data centres now account for 1-1.3% of the global electricity demand.

Companies seeking to improve and retain their sustainability credentials are increasingly determined to run and partner with sustainable data centres. However, establishing data centre sustainability involves a range of individual evaluations ranging from water waste to carbon emissions and, in many cases, requiring multiple audits leading to a range of different certifications.

DEEP Infographic

Evaluation made simple

Informa Tech’s Data Centre Efficiency and Evolution Program is designed to award organisations following best practices for sustainable data centre operations, based on an evaluation framework that makes sustainability quantifiable and simple.

DEEP’s framework is the result of a rigorous industry review and practical testing. It includes detailed assessment of 70+ best practices for sustainable operations from across the industry, including LEEDs, DoE, BICSI, ASHRAE, AFCOM and Green Grid.

This comprehensive framework ultimately enables clients to reap the benefits of having a reliable and holistic certification.

Good for the planet, good for business

In addition to a simple and thorough auditing process, DEEP gives data centres the tools to reduce carbon emissions, e-waste, water use and risk. It suggests routes to future improvement with discussion about power purchase agreements for renewable energy, use of AI and machine learning, zero-waste recycling programs, reuse of heat waste and measuring carbon emissions.

Since its launch in 2022, DEEP has certified a range of data centres such as Banner Health, Digital Fortress, Bluebird Network, DC BLOX and the University of Chicago.

Holding a DEEP certification enables certified data centres to showcase their sustainability credentials in a holistic way, which makes it easier for their partners and clients to make informed choices.

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“With a DEEP Gold Certification, we are now able to show our leadership and administration that our data centers are doing the absolute best to remain a sustainable facet of the campus. Given our emphasis on sustainability, it is a tremendous point of pride for my team, and we are very pleased to closely align with the university’s green initiatives.”
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Raymond Parpart

Director of Data Center Strategy & Operations at The University of Chicago

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